Lots of new content up on the Hepster Pat YouTube Channel

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvIuoEFfiI1-CQcxiWbJ1Ug New content up at the Hepster Pat YouTube channel! Check out the linktree too!

heps onna roll! here is a depeche mode banger!

HERE is a Depeche Mode remix you actually DID need!!!

premiere of heppys just like heaven remix!

the remix of Just Like Heaven no one ever wanted but you get anyways!

hepster pat debut of krayzee clown tyme

http://www.weltmuzik.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/01/krayZee-Clown-Tyme.mp3 here is the new remix of David Lynch’s Crazy Clown Time!

Hepster Pat is a Wicked Clown Biiiiitch!

check out my newest remix yo i cant post it to my normal site cuz of copywrite bots thanks ICP!

Hepster Pat is a homo hobo and did a new remix

Greetings and salutations kooky spooks and rivetheads! Your humble narrator Hepster Pat has achieved new social status as a Holy Homo Hobo and has done a new remix of Assemblage 23’s “Spark” and finally made volume five of the No New Tale To Tell series way past its expected due date of May. I originally…

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Big Roster updates!

Today was the day I finally did the roster updates Ive been promising since the seventies… Welcome a ton of newcomers, old favorites a couple big names and a few newbies! A little something for everyone, powernoise, pop, hip hop, electronic, breakcore, ambient, Drum and Bass, industrial, and everything in between! Animals Within Animals, consume.obey.breed,…

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Hepster Pat Remixes “Unholy”!

New Remix of “Unholy” by Hepster Pat! Podcast: Play in new window | Download

e-z cum e-z go byeeeeee

New Hepster Pat DJ set is here arent you excited????? Podcast: Play in new window | Download

hepster pat not dead! Sorry (not sorry)

So 2023 am I right??? Wookin ay we made it! Greetings and Salutations Kooky Spooks and Rivetheads! Hepster Pat here reporting from the front lines of the war against the dullards and the binary in a new outpost nearby the weltmuzik kompound in Neo Denvoid Yolorado! We bring you the latest and greatest in disinformation…

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