hello again homies!

It’s been a while sine I’ve check in on here and been a dumpster fire of a year now past. Speaking of which we co-presented an art show recently with our longtime tribemember Becky D’Arcey called “Tiny Dumpsters Everywhere”. There will be another showing of this art show in the near future somewhere in the…

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new members are here!

I have been meaning to get around to updating our roster and finally did, heres a list of the new additions with links, much more to come soon! artists:Brother Saturn https://brothersaturn.bandcamp.com/Collapse of Dawn https://uponeventualcollapse.bandcamp.com/Conformco https://conformco.bandcamp.com/DJ BeeGee Allin https://hearthis.at/dj-beegee-allin/Dogtablet https://dogtablet.bandcamp.com/Ed Skymall https://www.btrtoday.com/skymall/eHpH https://ehph.bandcamp.com/Ether of Souls https://etherofsouls.bandcamp.com/releasesGutzy Collins https://soundcloud.com/gutzy_collinsHidden House https://hiddenhouse1.bandcamp.com/releasesKlack https://klack.bandcamp.com/Melodywhore https://melodywhore.bandcamp.com/Melting Rust Opera https://meltingrustopera.bandcamp.com/Red Lokust…

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The weltmuzik vizion channel is here!

Finally getting around to getting the weltmuzik vizion channel up, got the first episode finally in one piece, its so old that videos had to be in pieces if they were long. All things in good time, we are at a point after nearly a decade to do another episode and repost the content we’ve…

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we’re in the pipe 5 by 5

stand by for incoming updates and features…lots of things on the horizon for 2020 yall thanks for the years of love and support!!!!!

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