Hepster Pat is a homo hobo and did a new remix

Greetings and salutations kooky spooks and rivetheads! Your humble narrator Hepster Pat has achieved new social status as a Holy Homo Hobo and has done a new remix of Assemblage 23’s “Spark” and finally made volume five of the No New Tale To Tell series way past its expected due date of May. I originally planned on each episode in the series being done towards the end of each month of the oh so magick number year 2023. As per usual for all things weltmuzik tribe, the best laid plans end up a shit show rodeo. A few weeks ago I got kicked out of my house for being a half gay meth addict with a short lived transgendered girlfriend in tow, I made the fatal mistake of thinking I could be given the same basic rights as anyone. Now I am paying the ultimate price for the freedom to live the life I want and am a person without a kompound nor a tribe even other than in name and spirit cuz I am an artist and a poet.

Anyways, besides my sad sad tales of woe, I posted

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