Big Roster updates!

Today was the day I finally did the roster updates Ive been promising since the seventies…

Welcome a ton of newcomers, old favorites a couple big names and a few newbies! A little something for everyone, powernoise, pop, hip hop, electronic, breakcore, ambient, Drum and Bass, industrial, and everything in between! Animals Within Animals, consume.obey.breed, Deci Does, DJ Agent 17, DJ Batty, DJ RA1D, Faces Under The Mirror, Left Spine Down, Lyres of Ur, Morlox, MoTheRShiP, 0s0, Redwing Blackbird, Roarshok, Sheep On Drugs, Simian Breed, [Sinergy]Cdio, Sir Vixx, TRACERASE, and Transfer Queen

Then on the affiliates side we have Church of Space, Color Sound Oblivion, D3 Arts, House of Cyn1c & Scrapyard Radio, Hypnotic $ubliminal Records, Mobcore Chicago, Praxis Guitars, and Produkt 42

Phew! thats a bit of new stuff for yall to enjoy and peruse! Certainly was a day of link wrangling and HTML headaches! Theresa reason i do this a handful of times a year haha! I am hoping to get more regular with content and new stuff here for yall to keep coming back for I have yet to find a concert calendar I like, im still trying to figure out the world of podcasting and the front end web dev education looms on the horizon along with my film career…

Tomorrow night in Berlin our longtime tribe members and homies Xervious and RedHat are playing with breakcore legend Duran Duran Duran in Berlin! and our new tribe member and longtime homie and fam MoTheRShiP is playing an ol skoo warehouse rave here in Neo Denvoid! Expect us, we are legion!

Weltmuzik Tribe por vida!

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