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A new podcast in the weltmuzikast netwerk about smashing gender binaries and the developing dialog between two people and their cotemporaries. Topics include but not limited to queer rights and points of interest, sexual health and addiction issues and technologies role in expanding non binary roles and visibility.

A new podcast in the weltmuzikast netwerk featuring Hepster Pat and Paulé Wood

August 9, 2022 at 6:18 PM Our Story Began:

Paulé – So when is our podcast?
HP – Lol I dunno when is good for you? I make this up as I go
HP – Your video blogs just inspired me to make a choice to do it
Paulé – I make it up as I go too and I generally act sooner rather than later bc adhd lol
Paulé – This weekend?
HP – Yeah I picked up on that so yes let’s do that
HP – Sat or sun name the time
HP – I’ll likely talk to you about your life experience focused more on the tour managing for the sake of weltmuzik but we can hit an overall aspect and what you are doing now if that makes sense
Paulé – Saturday I’m wide open
Paulé – I can’t help but riff on all the weird knowledge in my head haha
Paulé – I mean, I have a day job or two but who gives a shit about that
Paulé – I am thinking of a podcast called “they and them” which is about navigating the liminal space between things as the divides get greater and greater in the modern world.
Paulé – And “they” brings in my nonbinary self too!
HP – That’s rad!
HP – I have considered making a network of podcasts kinda like Kevin Smith with his Smodcasts
HP – I really want to do a sex positive one and cover the gamut of the world of sex work, porn, sexual health and identity
HP – In the last few years of meeting new and unique people of every variety I have found a profound interest in each person’s experience
Paulé – Do it!
HP – Like put an emphasis on how it REALLY is each person’s choice and experience unto itself and not a fad
Paulé – Yessss
Paulé – There’s all the history too, like this shit ain’t new just cause your square ass hasn’t heard of it before lol
Paulé – Same with gender
Paulé – This binary hetero shit is maybe Industrial Revolution old?
Paulé – Wage slaving and capitalism and controlling the means of production
Paulé – Queering gender and sexuality and investigating sex positive work is activism and fuck-the-system work
HP – So yeah I dunno let’s do this see where it takes us, maybe if you’re into the dynamic we could co host together and zoom with others each episode
HP – Oh speaking of which that’s my preferred method to use to record it
Paulé – That was what I was going to use, I have zero experience in podcasting. They all look like zoom recordings to me haha
Paulé – Let’s give it a try on Saturday? Maybe come up with a rough idea of structure beforehand? How do you do it?
HP – Yeah I’ll set up a zoom meeting at a good time for you let’s say 2pm mountain time so I think 1pm for you?
HP – And then we just talk and I already know it will be like we’ve been besties forever just cuz we’ve been in each other’s feeds and peripherals forever it seems
HP – And we are both jazzed about the same kinda stuff so we can run with it, I will submit the final edited audio for your approval before uploading it
HP – I like having the video for future use for documentary films I may and will be doing eventually
HP – But I only use the audio so don’t really sweat appearances not that u strike me as a person that would
Paulé – I am planning on a video podcast so. Haha. And fuck perfection, that’s some kind of capitalism shit
HP – Inorite lol
Paulé – If you need an email for the zoom invite this is my calendar email
Paulé – I should stop using my birth name but really idgaf
HP – I’m very conversational and find your ADHD matches mine a bit watching that last video lol
HP – Fucks are hard to come by these days
Paulé – I’m confusing no matter what name I use haha
HP – Gotta spend wisely
Paulé – I have more fucks than ever lately!
Paulé – It’s crazy
HP –
Paulé – I just realized that if I push perfectionism, division, and capitalism off my personal table I can care about so much more
Paulé – I mean, my day job eats my brain bit otherwise
HP – Yeah my few fucks go to having fun And genuine connection
HP – So if you check out some of my most recent episodes it shows where I started interviews about COVID time
HP – I need to do more and more frequent to get a following
HP – The following is the key cuz then sponsors will find you or so they say
HP – I REALLY would love to be like Kevin Smith or Adam Carola or Joe Rogan as far as getting lucky with the podcast thing but even if not I love my friends and learning so whatevs
HP – I am trying to get more front end web dev experience with a friend of mine and keep managing to go on drug binges instead
Paulé – Should I come 😂 or 😭 at that last one
HP – It’s more a laffer at this stage
Paulé – No judgment, I was drugs for years. Drugs seem a bit more… hardcore these days
HP – I can’t kick smoking meth
HP – They are
Paulé – I was in the gentle easy old school meth days of the 80s
HP – EVERYTHING has fentanyl in it
Paulé – Yeahhhh
HP – Yuuuup
Paulé – Makes my meth use look like caffeine benders
HP – It’s not your grandpa’s merh
HP – Meth*
Paulé – Nope
Paulé – Merh is how you say it after your teeth fall out
Paulé – OK, maybe too far 🙄
HP – It’s not Breaking Bad it’s Breaking Dead
HP – I’m almost there…
Paulé – No judgment, and I hope you stick around for a while longer
HP – I never do that…ugh
Paulé – I have majority fake teeth
HP – It’s bad
Paulé – The only one that’s missing is in my bottom jaw at the back
HP – I hope to soon cuz I think it will go a way to stop from smoking so much
HP – But I’m like you it’s like why lie
Paulé – Between the meth and the heroin my teeth were half fake by my mid 20s
HP – I am an addict and I don’t want to change right this minute
HP – I did stop drinking
Paulé – I understand that
HP – And I only buy from one guy I party with known peeps etc
Paulé – When I quit drugs I realized that I had a drinking problem and that took like 10 years to walk off
HP – I am much smarter about it than I was
Paulé – That is possible
HP – See I got that one knocked already
HP – Yeah it really is
Paulé – Even when I was shooting meth 5 – 6 days in a row we were super careful about source and not sharing needles
HP – It sucks to say but I’m an unemployed drug addict and I’m ok
HP – I’m better off than most
Paulé – I mean, keep staying curious and see what happens
Paulé – I eventually felt like I got all I could out of meth benders
HP – Yeah I am trying to get those curious tendencies to point in better directions
HP – I’m getting there
HP – It’s exhausting
Paulé – My last meth bender was 1.5 years straight, 5 – 6 days on, see. The spiders, sleep for a day or so, start again
HP – Sex used to be the only thing on it anymore I can take it or leave it
HP – The dynamics change over time
Paulé – Then it was pretty much out of my curiosity and idgaf about it now
HP – It used to be hedonistic benders of really risky shit
HP – With anyone
Paulé – That’s what it’s for
HP – Now several in my circle are poz undetectible
Paulé – Half of my friends got HIV, try not to get that and also, it’s way easier to deal with HIV these days
HP – I’m on prep and smarter about it
Paulé – Yay
Paulé – Oh shit, the animation
HP – It is but that doesn’t make it awesome at all
Paulé – Don’t help idiot Facebook
HP – A lot of people act like it’s not as bad as COVID
Paulé – That’s fucking crazy
HP – And honestly it’s probably not on the right meds
Paulé – I am still shit scared of HIV coz it came out in my teenage years
HP – It is the streets here are nuts now and people are sick and crazy and freebasing fentanyl like mad
Paulé – I was living on Hollywood Blvd in 1985 shooting up and sharing needles with a street prostitute
HP – My homie Larry says that a lot too
HP – He taught me most of the gayness I needed to learn
Paulé – Then a bunch of my friends got full blown AIDS and died some ugly deaths
Paulé – And I started getting obsessively tested
HP – He’s my plug and ex lover sometimes still is and a friend and a father figure so it’s a weird relationship
HP – Yeah we all should
Paulé – I have never gotten any STD of any kind which is crazy for how much I fucked around
HP – Just cuz
Paulé – Now I inject testosterone and go to the gym haha
HP – I have had a few nothing crazy but ghonorhea in the nuts is painful Incase you ever wondered
Paulé – I’m finally a teenage boy like in my dreams
HP – I’ve watched it the last decade or more I love it
Paulé – And I’m too old for most people to fuck with and I don’t want to shah many people my age bc they’re a drag
Paulé – So yeah, not getting laid like a teenage boy as well
HP – U have always been that old school inspiration where like I know you but I dont
Paulé – In hyperavoidant Seattle
Paulé – shag people*
HP – Yeah I hear it’s super bougie or too wook
HP – No inbetween
HP – It’s that way here cuz we have been a goddam weed bro tourists destination
Paulé – Everyone here would rather chat over their phones instead of getting to business in person
HP – Neo Denvoid Yolorado
HP – For reals
HP – Grindr is all games and ghosting and shit
Paulé – Maybe it’s everywhere 🙄
HP – I’m lucky tho I have a good average on there for meeting quality humans
Paulé – Peeps say I should get on grindr but it sounds like a different shitshow
HP – If only for an hour or six
HP – Yeah no it’s work dude
HP – You can have success I know for butch girls and ftms etc it’s a whole different game
HP – I have met a few cool ftms I hit off with
Paulé – I wish I liked femmes, I’d have game
HP – Women on testosterone are so rad
HP – It’s so cool I wish there were more out there to hang with
Paulé – I am trying to date afab masc people but jfc it’s all endless cups of tea and windy walks in the park
Paulé – I’m not a woman dude
HP – Yeah lots of weeding through
Paulé – Reject all binaries
Paulé – Reddit says being transmasc on grindr is
HP – Yeah I am bad with my programming still so bear with
Paulé – S’ok I will continue to burn down the gender binary every chance I get haha
HP – Yeah my ex was always saying why is there a les Grindr
HP – I’m getting there as a “man” ugh wtf that even is…it’s hard to undo the things they hammer I to us
Paulé – Isn’t Lex the les grindr haha
HP – Is it?
HP – Ive never heard of it
HP – For obvious reasons lol
Paulé – Lex is old skool text based personals and it’s full of angsty les kids
Paulé – I like the idea but I’m like their parent’s age
Paulé – Being 54, nonbinary, masc leaning, into AMAB nonbinary people is a BITCH
Paulé – It is like the world’s smallest demographic
Paulé – Unless I want to cradle rob, and then the little bastards don’t get my jokes lol
HP – Yeah so you are into people that are NB and masc like yourself then?
HP – Sorry if that sounds rude I any kind of way
HP – It’s just not my world so I’m going to ask stuff and learn
Paulé – I would include afabs but for the lack of action
Paulé – I’m afab
HP – What is that exactly
HP – I’m not familiar
Paulé – Assigned female and birth, innie plumbing
HP – Ah
HP – Ok makes sense
Paulé – Amab = assigned male at birth, outie plumbing
HP – That is the preferred nomenclature then?
Paulé -The femme socialization goes just as deep, too much feeling, not enough doing
HP – I see a way to say b or g without the b or g
Paulé – This is how the hip kids talk about gender
HP – Yeah I almost wish gay dudes were like that more
HP – Haha right
Paulé – As do I bc I like amab nonbinary/genderqueer folk who are within a reasonable distance of my age
HP – I don’t hang with kids now that I’m not doing breakcore shows in warehouses anymore
Paulé – Fucking rare as hen’s teeth
HP – Werd
Paulé – My friends range in age from mid 20s to 87, although the median is mid 30s
HP – So outies queer not not female correct
HP – Seems about right yeah
HP – My bestie is 67 or 68
Paulé – Not even afab, who can be transmasculine
HP – I am an old soul that looks young and kids like me it’s weird
Paulé – Trans dudes are too binary for me
HP – Ah werd
HP – Sorry just like doing the queer maths
Paulé – I should be the same except the kids run from getting busy with me
HP – Yeah that sucks I love older people that kinda my steeze with most TBH
HP – Young is annoying
HP – And fleeting at beat
Paulé – I googled a bunch of sexuality and gender shit, plus a bunch of n00b convos when I was figuring this shit out
HP – Best*
HP – Right I imagine you didn’t pick it all up in a day
Paulé – I get nerdy
HP – Ive been learning to be queer and proud for twenty years or more mow
Paulé – I want to parse the language and culture
HP – Now*
HP – Yeah I think most of us do
HP – The old paradigm is tored
HP – Tired
HP – I step on feels and toes
Paulé – Plus I am a borderlands witch and I get asked by the straights A LOT to account for myself so I had to learn a bunch of shit
HP – It happens and can’t really be avoided to have real talk at times and to learn
Paulé – Hence my repost today about having practice spaces
HP – Yeah I can tell I’m just feeling out how to talk with you about it and it feels like I’ll be fine
HP – Yeah I’ll check it
HP – I do y think I saw that one
Paulé – My fave podcaster about breaking the gender binary is Alok
Paulé – Their appearance on Man Enough was 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
HP – It was cool seeing your video tho cuz I’m like that’s where I’m at with the tech and the gender and the lack of proper spaces for us
HP – Send me a link if u think of it
Paulé – Happy to be in a mutual aid network with you
HP – I’d like to check them out
HP – Yeah I figured I need help in that other side of the community
Paulé – It’s like on my speed dial
HP – How to talk right etc
Paulé – Just to fuck up another metaphor
Paulé – ALOK: The Urgent Need for Compassion | The Man Enough Podcast
HP – I am not disrespectful and don’t like seeming so and it’s SO easy to now
Paulé – I kain hep yew tawk rite
Paulé – We could do a thing on just that
HP – But I’m also a plain and hood speaker so to say
HP – Yeah seriously
HP – That’s what I want to do
HP – We have to learn SO much on our own
Paulé – I know I’m gonna get flamed if I start this podcast for being “problematic”
HP – We could use a safe space for real discourse
Paulé – We don’t have to learn on our own!
Paulé – Community!
HP – Exactly
HP – See
Paulé – Mutual aid anarchy!
HP – I love it
Paulé – We are much from similar cloth
HP – Like a bolt of John Deere tractor fabric at Walmart
HP – Haha
HP – That’s the thing right there
Paulé – That shit is going to happen to me
HP – I feel like the whole Chappelle incident is a good topic too though yeah we are fucked for doing it Immediately
HP – Cuz there’s valid points both ways I really think
Paulé Wood
We can do a warm-up podcast for weltmuzikast
HP – As much as there’s over done and uncalled for points too
Paulé – And then do some queer ass exploration
HP – I’d like to get several people to cover the whole Chappelle thing really
Paulé – everything is literally too complex for a single post
HP – Because I like that even as he put his foot in his mouth to do it he started conversations we need to have
Paulé – I admit that I didn’t really follow it, nor the Depp Heard thing
HP – Yeah truue
Paulé – Pop culture is meh
Paulé – I feel like there is so much noise around those events that I don’t have much to say
HP – It has it’s merits at times and I have my things I follow though I get where you. Come from
Paulé – I’m tired before I even get started
HP – Yeah it’s worth checking out sometime if nothing else to talk about it I’d be interested in your take
HP – He says some shit that was uncalled for and too much but more or less has a sweet story to tell and a good point
Paulé – Also everyone is at a fever pitch and glued to their opinion so that’s no fun
Paulé – I’ll try to parse it
HP – Yeah I feel like starting from our musical connections and beginnings into who we are and honestly meeting and having a genuine conversation for the first time is plenty
HP – The rest will follow or not fight
HP – Right*
Paulé – From first google, Chapelle sounds pretty gender essentialist
Paulé – A recent Netflix special, The Closer, saw Chappelle tell the audience: “Gender is a fact. Every human being in this room, every human being on Earth, had to pass through the legs of a woman to be on Earth. This is a fact.”
He previously described trans people as “confusing” in another Netflix special, Sticks and Stones
Paulé – Gender is not, in fact, a fact
Paulé –
Biology Professor Explains What “Biological Sex” Really Means, Starts A Heated Debate On Twitter
HP – Right his words are misguided and very cis male to say the least
HP – I think as ignorant as he is that he illustrates a story about a trans amab woman comedian he befriended and gave a spot opening for him and became friends with that ended up committing suicide for catching shit on the internet from people
HP – He is doing a college fund for her daughter
HP – And was so sad she died like that
Paulé – I was just reading about that
HP – It’s his genuine struggle to understand something not black not penis bearing
HP – He likens being trans to being black
Paulé – I mean, he admits that he’s transphobic and he makes some pretty ugly anti trans jokes that the audience is delighted by
Paulé – And 8:46 was a work of genius
HP – Then saying black people suffered more longer so whatever basically
HP – Yeah ok cool
HP – You and I will be ok then
Paulé – I refuse to say Chapelle is bad or good, that’s some false bullshit
Paulé – I think he’s being a prick about trans people and it’s gross to use a big platform like that to demean a group of people that includes me
HP – It’s like a kind of litmus test for me anyways as it’s something familiar with and I wanted to see where you were at so I can see are we going to kill each other lol
HP – Exactly
Paulé – And he says a lot of other great shit on race and modern bullshit
HP – He had a few good ones and too many bad ones
HP – But he had a point and it wasn’t intended to be hurtful
Paulé – I am not interested in taking sides on anything I can’t waste my energy on that
HP – Inflamitory maybe
HP – Yeah ok
Paulé – I will probably be less inclined to watch him in the future
HP – I just don’t want to be an asshole due to my own ignorance
Paulé – He lost some of my interest by being closed minded and playing for cheap laughs
Paulé – Ah, we’re always going to be ignorant somehow
HP – I am highly aware of my lack of knowledge
HP – True
Paulé – I say that imposter syndrome is a sign of good character
HP – Yeah I feel the same way at the end of the day
HP – He was a hero of mine
HP – He’s not anymore
Paulé – I look for people with imposter syndrome
HP – I will still be entertained by him
Paulé – I feel like Chapelle is getting Old People Syndrome
HP – But I won’t see him as the GOAT like I did
HP – Yeah
HP – It’s highly Boomer
Paulé – Like, shit has moved along and you’re stuck in the old frames
HP – As the kids would say
Paulé – He’s stuck in the old frames
HP – And sadly culture of. Color seems mited worse than us honkies on that one by large
HP – Mired in
Paulé – Lots more generational trauma to contend with
HP – Black and indigenous ctures are even more macho bullshit than others
Paulé – I mean, rascim is alive and well and that might shave down one’s sense of humor
Paulé – Ya know, when people are out to race-war you it does put a crimp in the fun
HP – Yeah shit I used to find funny like Katt Williams I see as panderi g low hanging fruit stuff now
Paulé – The macho bullshit is trauma based as well as colonial patriarchy shit
HP – Yeah totes
HP – I am still working on undoing so much of that
HP – It’s a struggle seriously
Paulé – I was reading about covering yesterday
HP – I am what I hate literally
HP – White guys irritate the shit out of me haha
Paulé – Covering is when someone from a minority group does a thing to blend in better, like a black woman straightening her hair or a Latino guy acting extra macho for respect
Paulé – Humans are a drag
HP – Yeah we are
HP – Atmosphere has a line “these people do a lot of simple shit to impress us”
Paulé – I gotta get off this infernal device my wrist is murder
Paulé -This thread should be a spoken word podcast
HP – Samesies
HP – Careful
HP – It might get posted haha
Paulé – Haha I’m OK with that
HP – We will see lol
HP – It could really be cool depending on what happens from here
Paulé – It would be an interesting experiment
HP – Or we could see like we are blowing smoke up out own asses lol
Paulé – I say post it and see if it’s interesting
HP – Seem
HP – Coo
Paulé – I believe in experimenta
HP – What’s the worst that happens
HP – I am an open book to people
Paulé – My lifetime phrase: how hard could it be?
Paulé – Me too
HP – I am no longer two people in here just all me all the time now
Paulé -Adhdddddddddd
Paulé – Sing it with meeeeeee
HP – Haha
Paulé – Oversharing is caring lol
HP – Mines if I didn’t have the love to do it who the fuck would
HP – Ok well imma check that podcast out in the meantime
Paulé – Bro this is part of the reason meth is attractive to us, it’s like Ritalin
HP – You scope so eof mine and you’ll see
HP – Yup yup
Paulé – Yay will do
HP – Self medication is the way
HP – So have a good night my friend thank you for sharing with me 💕
Paulé – You have a good night too, stick around for a while plz
Paulé – Looking forward to more experiments
HP – Likewise

and the rest is (our)story…

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