upload yo pichaz and movie pichaz here!

Temporary base of Media uploading for the Machine fest 5 event documentary content. All photos and videos will be credited to the original owner/photographer as best as possible and by uploading you are agreeing to allow Hepster Pat and Zack Lab to use as seen fit for content for web publishing and social Media use.

The industrial equivalent to a tent on (free)base camp for uploading your pics

and videos of Machinefest 5!

Step one: go here:


username is:


password is:


Step two : go here http://www.weltmuzik.com/wp-admin/media-new

Then follow the instructions to upload to the Media library

(Please please please do not fuck with ANYTHING else in the folder)

if you have ANY problem or issue get at me at 7204816605 by text or weltmuzik@gmail.com

(or through any other means that doesn’t annoy the shit out of me but don’t decide to “help” us with our website)

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