hepster pat not dead! Sorry (not sorry)

So 2023 am I right??? Wookin ay we made it!

Greetings and Salutations Kooky Spooks and Rivetheads!

Hepster Pat here reporting from the front lines of the war against the dullards and the binary in a new outpost nearby the weltmuzik kompound in Neo Denvoid Yolorado! We bring you the latest and greatest in disinformation technology and fake news! 

Hepster Pat has managed to pry his wisdom packed head from the depths of his anal cavity like the proverbial Punxatonian Vernacular Pugilist he is to find that life without chooching meth like it’s a blue light special is probably NOT the best look…and has instead chosen a new path in life that is being documented in a new “DJ(?) set” series entitled “Brand New Tale To Tell” that will be a monthly series through this magickal year of 23!

When not in the lab developing his audio alchemy, he’s been doing work on building the infrastructure of the new “weltmuzik podKast neTwerk” which currently has a small membership roster of two: the ever amazing and OG weltmuzikast and the new comer and topical gender identity/anarchist hacker/sexual health show They Said/ Them Said with fearless and uniquely individual Paule’ Wood

There will be more news unfit for print or digital binary encoding coming forth like an unwanted case of recurring genital warts, the weltmuzik tribe has some welcome additions of the more than deserving and a few subtractions of the unworthy to and from the squad, fuck around and find out! Let’s just hint away that the additions include Sheep on Drugs and Left Spine Down

So until the next moment to get a clear signal through the airwaves jammed with the hordes ov thee horsehite…this is Hepster Pat reminding you to eat your cereal with a fork and do your holy homework in thee dark!

love ALWAYS,

Hepster Pat 


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