new hepster pat dj set is out now

Hepster Pat has been slaving away across the internets gettting new muzik and horrible old shit for a few concept dj sets. The first of which “Love is the Hardest Art” is out now. I am hoping to have “Shoes” and “But Wait Theres More!” up sometime ths week… In other weltmuzik news Remy Brect has fixed the images on a few of the new weltmuzik products in the new Redbubble merch store which has been kicking ass and has some great products we have already ordered and recieved. I am hoping to record an interview and live DJ set from Cozmos Mudwulf this week for the weltmuzikast and am hoping to have Djoto San from Japan lined up for the episode after.

Posted on 02/21/2021 in Uncategorized

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